Sarz - Ise Yen (D.K.)

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Ise Yen

[Verse 1: D.K.]

Second chances
Second chances
Enigmatic with clouded thoughts as a hazard
A blackened heart from a panel of leprechauns
Couldnt fathom the jet propulsion of cannons
Was slept upon like bananas
My hands are crossed in jackets, the strap is locked at my back
As Im rocking forwards and backwards
My thoughts project on the canvas
Opzy, TeeKlef and Spaceship are circling round the planets
DJ Neptune this Space Impact
Donations a cla** in manners
I been legit before my vocal prime
I been a dick before the Pope resigned
I benefit like an oracle predicted at four years old that Im supposed to rhyme
Every verse is a magnum opus, Im
Open to closing hopes of these jokers who treated me like its tofu time
My range of powers say its morphing time
I chuck handfuls of this potent one time into your sinuses
The weaker joints all on arthritis, its art, you damn right it is

[Verse 2: D.K.]

Cool leather on back of neck in Ikeja
Im studio chilling with two of my n***as jotting venom
The door swings una**uming gentleman in khaki shorts his height is below my shoulder with teeth that been opening Fanta
Studio engineer walking over to give him dap and
Hyping the n***a straight to our faces, a greater rapper
Self esteem is escaping and leaving a vacancy like damn
Is this n***a that much better than me?

He was on a bad guy P, I was out in CR picking booty calls economics degree, pree what this opportunity cost
My manufacturers label said Im soon to evolve
But if they find a fault in these then Im due for recall
And so Im plotting now on how to make them exorcist head flip neck whip in my direction
Holding Billie Jeans hand in the maternity ward
Hammer is cocked back
Cuz these kids are ALL my sons
Son of a gun, jack!


This is the part where the beat breaks down right?
Or is this the part where I break down these bars
Or maybe this is when Im supposed to break down and say something inspirational
Criticism of a generation who dresses fancy to chase silver birds when a gold mine is left dormant
The riches of a nation squandered
Yet the richness of my pages untouched
These are demigod hands
Hercules in the flesh with a pen mightier than a sword
I swore since my first line at eleven to be the biportal of all my worlds
I am the truth
I am the nuisance with the noose around the necks of fools
Kicking chairs until theyre all Dorothys
They get the boot
But you cant click click heels here
You sons of a gun
Shooting for greatness with the barrel jammed, fling my weapon and watch it boomerang
And still set it off in your social circle with a boom, that rang across the face of all world
Let them know
Let them know theres levels to talent Im never relaxing Im taking you on a spin, in these earth songs that make even the elephants fall backwards
My quotables embody your Twitter handles
My vision is greener pastures
Fishing for disciples with every intricate syllable
And barely any hook

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Song added date : 24.07.2021

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