Room 94 - 2am

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Song lyrics :

Black and nothing, painted lies
No more colour in my tainted mind.
I keep letting go, but I forgot the reason.
I keep letting go I gotta stop you leaving.
Youre all I want tonight,
Youre all I want tonight.

Its 2am, Im standing outside in the dark
With the moon beside me.
Its 2am, and I dont know why
Ive got this feeling inside me.

Where do we go, well never know
If you dont pick up the phone,
Its 2am, and Im a little lost
Turn on the lights youll find me.

Cracked picture hanging on the wall,
Try to find you but I might fall
I keep letting go but I forgot the reason
I keep letting go I gotta stop you leaving!

Just turn on the lights youll find me!
Just turn on the lights.

Lyrics added by user : Charles Reed

Song added date : 22.02.2022

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