MilanMakesBeats - 250

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Song lyrics :

[Intro/Chorus: Larry]
I just spent two 50s, got 250 coming back
Watch where you be stepping, you gon roll right off the path
Larries on this dumb sh**, they likem Why you had to snap?
Either, I aint saying sh**, or Im just saying facts

[Verse 1: SenseiATL]
Keep the streets bumping watch me roll my wrist like Scottie
Sensei Bin Laden watch me catch a body
Hop up off the porch then I skrt off in the Porsche
Balling all the time like Im Duncan on the court
Home of the Braves, so I gotta keep a stick
Im not Kimbo Slice but you know Im packing hits
f** your b**h once then I dodge her like a Dodger
Got no time to talk cause Im talking to the guala

[Chorus: Larry]

[Verse 2: Randy]

Man she got that crack head, so you gave her a** a rock
Sweet and sour in my cup, ya boy this that wok
And my main b**h came from the damn catwalk
Bullet hit you in the head then give you a mohawk
I got homies out in Chitown give you white socks (White Sox)
I can tell you off the Rip, I got someone for the drop
Yeah Im fresher than your f**ing auntie on a Sunday
Randy sh** head boy Imma take your damn fiance

[Chorus: Larry]
Sorry in advance I just blew this damn advance
Everybody plotting, everybody got demands
So much green hang off me I be looking like a plant
I aint even supposed to be here counting up my contraband
That aint never seen here boy I copped it from Japan
Handling my ice I just lost feeling in my hands
Today was helling boring but somehow I still spent 5
Why he looking like that, must got something in his eye

[Outro/Chorus: Larry]

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Song added date : 08.05.2022

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