Michael Birnbaum - Key Entity Extraction V: Sentry the Defiant

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Song lyrics :

Believer, your spotlight on the subject so incorrect
And suggestion, suggests that I am someone who you should not respect
Oh you wear your facade so well
Covered up in a plastic shell
Youre a liar to everyone around you just dont forget


Face the honest truth
You were never you
Now be defiant, the lion
Give them a fight that will open their eyes
Hangman hooded, softly swinging
Dont close the coffin yet, Im alive!

And its homecoming
And its homecoming

Can you remember, when there was no wrong in what I can do?
So young, biting off way more than I could chew
And then one day I grew too old
And my cares were now theirs to mold
Please accept this, as my resignation its time to go


I will now bleed for what I believe in
No more mistakes for them to make for me
So goodbye, its my time to be...

To be me


Im alive!
Im alive!
Im alive!

Connection to principle craft has been lost
Attempt to reconnect in 3,2,1...connection failed
Recalculating navigation via secondary mobile apparatus
Estimated speed, a falling rate of 263 knots, rate of survival 33%

How long have we been away?

Approximate calculation 547 days. Sirius, do you still
Want to go home?

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Song added date : 19.09.2021

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