King Yella - Cardi B Truth

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[Intro] Aye, aye Why they hate me? Aye, aye look

[Verse] King Yella yeah I go hard on a b**h [?] bet them b**hes really love my drip Walk up wit a b**h break a b**h Im a pimp n***as aint no sh**, small fries Thats a shrimp Big dog Yella boy been a f**ing legend Shoot em in his face and send his dumb a** to hell Gang banging on the train n***a since eleven, aye Back in 07, I was riding with the 7 aye Big dog big dog n***as know the demo Pull up on your a** big choppa like a limo Have your a** backing real low like a limo Stomp you in your mother f**ing face with my timbs on She say Im from Chiraq, real GD, thats a fact n***a want smoke, then you know I got scraps Pull up on your block, glock, clock, pow, pow, bow b**h Im the king, Im the man in this town f**ing on your b**h and make her sub on my dick n***as mad at me I spent like plugs on my wrist Shorty on my dick you know Im f**ing your b**h Took a picture with her, got the internet blazin Shorty thick as hell, yes she wanna have my baby Born in 1990 but my money from the 80s Driving in the foreigns and you know I love Mercedes Thick b**h Cardi B wanna have my baby s** Hennessy, p**y know Im going crazy f** the industry, rap game full of Fugazi n***as be running their mouth n***as want clout n***a Ill shoot you in your cap f**ing your spouse n***as go out, cha, cla, pow pa Every mother f**er down on the block [?] gang [?] we run the whole city, aye Shorty on my dick yeah I bought the b**h some titties aye Bought the b**h some a**, yeah you know I got a bag Foreigns back to back, did a hit up out the Jag Hopped up out the Jag then Im waiting for the cab Waiting for the cab, cab pulled up damn Hopped up in that b**h with a choppa like plowww n***as know Yella dont play that sh** Offset boy you better watch your b**h Watch your b**h boy she on my dick Tommy Geez told me how he hit that sh** I dont give a f** about no f**ing industry You n***as in the industry, you n***as not street Yella boy really from the streets and Im a G b**h Im the chief but Im not lil Keef Big dog, big dog Yall some small fries You dont want smoke boy we k**ed all your guys Insane esse shout out to the [?] Shorty on my dick I put my dick right on her thighs b**h I need a bag foreigns back to back skurrr I dont give a f**, Yella boy with the sh**s Hurricane wrist, I just bagged another brick Hurricane wrist, watch me take this n***a b**h n***as mad at me saying Yella why you do it? Im really in the streets, I aint f**ing with this music I remember the first time I met you, you wasnt on sh** Had a fat a**, Tommy Geez in the whip [?] skurr skurr riding through New York Tommy Geez pulled out like a hundred bucks My n***a po tell me Yella boy you the man Ever since that day I was f**ing with my mans

[Outro] p**y a** n***a, yall know what the f** going on n***a Raa, raa raa ra Got the internet mad n***a Clout chasing, clout chasing f** yall, yall dont know what the f** going on n***as been on our dick n***a Big GD sh** n***a f** you talking about? Cardi know Who the f** Showed her the ropes to this sh** n***a I guarded mother f**ers I protected mother f**ers n***a f** yall n***a, whoever mad n***a f** the industry, b**h

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