Johnny Foreigner - Riff Glitchard

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I like the night flights best with the cabin lights out, the city below seems as bright as the stars. A tapestry of glo-worms in gridlock, I look for the landmarks and try not to let myself work out where you are. I might as well be an organ in yr body, the damage I do when I do nothing. I might as well be an organ in yr body, I’m tied to yr senses, I feel when yr muscles tense. Throw yr stories into a suitcase, count the distance from here to home. And you know, anywhere you find yrself, yr never alone. Fly yr flag from the peaks of a mountain, sink that suitcase to the bed of the sea. And you know, any time you fall to pieces there’s a part of me. So are you coming tonight? Are you dead or alive?

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Song added date : 25.11.2021

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