Grafh - Duppy Freestyle (Kanye West & Pusha T Diss)

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Song lyrics :

Im in shock, im in shock too
The nerve, the audacity, the f**s wrong with these n***as? okay, wait wait wait chill Drake let me get ‘em

Im looking for a proper opportunity to stand in the venue, eat these n***as
Dont become the man on the menu its grace before the fiesta of blessing, lets teach a lesson

My confession, its these n***as confessions stand from box, bro hand me the ticket, dont hand me a Grammy, they plan be to picket signs, stick to that square sh**, better get in line

Time wasted, your top ate with time MySpace that i tasted the greatness of god phases (face lets) stay up, you still telling n***as get they weight up, brother wait up, that was dope

You rap about dope, yeah flow beats Ross in a track, I get you got your dough from the police, he your OG in this war bro, Thor bro, cop lowkey got my eyes gone, he told n***as strap on the iPhone

n***as did it then got locked, all of they lives gone, when yall gone use yall platform for the black storm? rapping (wrapping) sh**, this what we need (kneed), shout out to Kaepernick, the fact is just the bigger they are, man playing above ‘em

Its ironic how the n***a who knees stand for something, sharp as a needle, thats who we miss (missile) so arm the torpedo, dont see those n***as, CO n***as, i see old n***as claiming they getting bread but it be the feds who mould n***as, gold diggers they soul stealers, n***as got no feelings, too fake i box money, open the suitcase, a new case, coin flip see n***as two faced

Cool, i heard your album Daytona, so whats the outcome? this is alcohol rap, leader you scar, get a alcohol patch, scratch all the dope talk, you only gone get our folks chalked, white line this is coke talk, it smells like caviar in the scappy light, you cant win scappy, you sore loser, you want more sales?

Then tell the people about what Moors scaled, Moors scaling, more Melanin more felons, H.A.A.R.P sky fake rain, Margielans got us locked mentally, they plot into the body, carrion life, Rome (roam) frequencies create the stereotypes

I wrote four thirty twos (432Hz) for this, you see (sea) i knew this (nudist) sh** like i aint got no clothes on, wait hold on, who said we had to wear clothes in the first place? rewind it, the outfits is why we closed (clothes) minded, the sign (sinus) is he sick, the stuffy nose could k** him, but its DayQuill oh, guardian of the galaxy

Dont be mad at me, be mad at yourself for not using a platform to inhabit the health and the blacks who jack rabbits gon vow to say wealth more important than seeing our people asking for help, you aint got to give ‘em no money, n***a stay with your Gs, the library is public, this information is free, called AJ they (Day) say they Ray Charles, yall being led by blind...

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Song added date : 23.01.2022

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