Dro - Cla** Act

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Song lyrics :

[Verse 1: Nick Grant]
Im the paper man, boy its hard to hate me with your hating a**
Flight so long take a day to land
Better call for help 9-11 with the paper tag
And money shouldnt make the man
Sliding with the sticks in the Jason mask
Man I couldnt even pay a b**h to glance
Now these b**hes want to do me like the latest dance
Hold up, f** those n***as get your money man they all jealous
Who you kidding boy we shining like we bald headed
Money long team strong like Carl Weathers
n***as playing both sides like pallbearers, preach
I been straight keep it permed out
When you doing dirt they bring the worms out
Turns out n***as aint who they say, Im as real as they come
Check the s**m count
Im that n***a all these n***as overrated
My ex still want me and she want to know the latest
Let her give me top because she say Im underrated
Im the poster child, like a f**ing Gerber baby
Spaz on rappers, bad b**h with me
p**y so fat look like her a** on backward
Yea Im from the bottom need a ladder to reach
Still I brought more n***as with me than a Khaled release

[Verse 2: Nick Grant]
Got to get the money, real n***as know who run it
You gone play it back because them other n***as fronting
Ducking 5-0 like I owe you half a hundred
Your team aint eating thats some hard sh** to stomach
Body bag flow we gone need stretchers
Checks look like we in the league we aint stressing
All about the head like a DMV check it
With some real b**hes this the R&B section
Yea, funny how you rap n***as fell off
You aint popping youre going to have to write a tell all

She gone get that thing wet because we well off
Keep it ghetto like water on your Kelloggs
Uh, and you should never burn bridges
Went from A to Z, Im talking firm business
Game so cold Im just pouring on a blizzard
Off the bullsh** like Jordan on the Wizards
Yea, how you want it. A woman like a mom and you get to clone it
From where these guns spitting like a live performance
Pistol poking in my denim like I got a boner
Im the youngest legend that you ever seen
Yea Im from the dirty but forever clean
You n***as always saying what you never mean
Eyes glowing for the green like a Belly scene
We the realest n***a

[Verse 3: Dro]
Pockets on flubber, I just hit a broad backstage now Im rocking the show wearing rubber
Im truly not the others, Im standing with the Cannons like Nick
Then I hit them with fury my brother
f** your opinions
My n***as got dope when the feds come we talk like minions
Flow is irreplaceable, swag untraceable
Im hungry lets have lunch at Benihana
Ice is really rockable, n***as call me Dro Cruise because my flow mission is impossible
Still up in Pappadeaux, still eating gators and the outfit mystery
Mix now and later
Hoes in the condo, Strivers Row [?]
44 caliber bussing at your brain matter
And when its time to die I want a Hustle Gang platter
JG told me he needed me, terrific
Out rap who, be more specific
Dro holy with the flow, hes more religious
k**ing these n***as, dig more than ditches
Giving them stiches in front of these whores and b**hes
Dro and Nick fury sh** so tremendous
Step into my vision you better prepare for the battle
Church tabernacle yall n***as are cattle, beef

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Song added date : 21.07.2021

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